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For more than two decades, Miro Fitkova has been lucky enough to have her dream job and nourish her passion for serving people. Miro’s real estate career started in a Boston office where she handled rental properties, giving her a firm understanding of the investor mindset. One year later, she found her true calling in sales. 

She became a top-producing agent very quickly, with multiple companies attempting to recruit her. Instead, Miro struck out on her own and opened a small boutique real estate office called Fitkova Realty in 2006. She believes that solid client-realtor relationships stem from good energy. When people receive quality service, the compensation comes naturally. 

Miro wanted the chance to nurture an ambitious, generous, and hard-working team of her own, which is why she started her company. At Fitkova Realty, everything the team does is with their client’s best interests in mind. Every day, Miro is grateful to wake up and do what she loves most. 

Primarily serving Boston and the local luxury market, Fitkova Realty is a company based on values and referral business. It’s something of a hidden gem mostly discovered via word of mouth. Yet despite being lesser-known, Miro’s superb marketing strategies are far-reaching. Miro goes to great lengths to find the perfect buyer for her clients’ homes between innovative advertising techniques, professional staging, photography, videos, and access to exclusive clientele lists. 

Along with having an extensive network of agents and contacts across the country, Miro is adept at navigating the changing real estate market and insider trends. She is knowledgeable of the different neighborhoods and will ensure you have all the facts to make informed decisions. Miro is also a fierce negotiator as her father, a skilled businessman, taught her the tools of the trade at a young age. Throughout her decades of work, Miro’s sales have exceeded $300 million worth of real estate. However, her ultimate goal is to ensure her clients’ happiness.

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Fitkova is a boutique real estate office that provides dedicated customer service with top negotiating skills and wonderful exposure and supreme internet presence. Contact now to have the advantage that she provide!